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better known as The Munching Traveler

- discovering life one journey, one bite at a time - 


... and repeat.

Everytime I taste a new flavour, converse with a stranger or experience a new place, I realise there's a world just waiting to be discovered. I dig food tours and road trips. No one takes a bite before I Instagram it and no touristy stuff on holidays. From my world to yours, let's explore and eat together. The rest can wait. 


So, plan your next trip, say hello to someone new and eat like it's your last meal. In doing so, I hope you'll discover life's best...just as I still am. 



"I've got berry purple smeared across my fingers,

Blueberry goodness with every bite, 

When it comes to enjoying muffins so good,

I'll go all out. There's just no other way." 

Every now and then, I hop on to a healthy-eating streak. This season, I owe it my tight jeans but...

This is not a regular food or travel post that I’m most likely to do but just a thought I’ve been rolling over my mind all day today. 

As I was tossing and turning in bed last night, this thought dawned upon me. Maybe because I was guilty of the same? As a research junk...

As featured in Khaleej Times on 29 February 2020 - Dubai UAE

A piece I wrote on the opportunities and challenges for female creative entrepreneurs in the UAE today. Indian-origin, born and raised in Dubai and lived among multi-cultural neighbourhoods, I qualify as the q...

"I ate a spoonful of this creamy vegetable curry

with some steamed Basmati rice,

And then, I ate another spoonful, 

And another,

And with each morsel, I thought - 

Damn, can veggies taste so darn good?"

I came back from my trip in Goa, all smiles from catching up with my lon...

As featured in Masala UAE Magazine, Feb 13 2020.

“As I watched the rinsed spinach leaves leave my fingers,

And into the blender,

I can’t help thinking, shucks I hope I don’t need to throw this experiment out.

I mean, spinach green savoury crepes? (Did I hear an eww?)

But one swirl on the skillet and I knew I could be ont...

"Laughter is brightest in the place where the food is."

- Irish Proverb

Vol-au-vents are baked puff pastry cases that can be filled with any stuffing, usually creamy in base. You can either bake them from start following the cooking instructions on the packet or if in a...

"Sometimes the best of you comes out when you trust your gut.

And, when I say gut, I really mean a growling tummy.

It's amazing how hunger can bring out the best of us...

even if it's a plan bowl of pasta"

This salad was purely designed by chance: It started one day when I...

"I sat and thought hard. 

I closed my eyes and imagined their flavours.

In one hand I held an orange and in the other a sprig of thyme.

I sniffed one and tasted another.

I couldn’t tell what would be when these are baked together.

There was only way to find out...

Trust and...

I would sadly pout every time mom threw away our Christmas cake crumbles while trying to nice-edged pieces to share with guests. Until one day, I decided to #savethecake by scooping away all the leftover crumbles and come up with a ‘cake shot’! So simple, so fun and he...

This is a unique spice rub I created on the spur of the moment. One of those days when I came home from a long day, entered the kitchen, opened my dry store cupboard (stared at it for a few minutes) and got whipping up a dry spice rub. I pretty much visualized how the...

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